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How do I care for my Linhasita Brace

The payment options accepted by Jersey Salt when purchases are completed online are major credit cards and PayPal.  In some instances, when in person transactions occur, electronic forms of payment may be used such as Venmo.

What is your return policy?

In certain instances, Jersey Salt will accept returns. In the case of defective or damaged items, a refund will be returned in the original form of payment, less shipping. Any other returns will result in issuance of store credit

Do you offer in-person pickup?

Yes! For our locals, in person pick-up can be arranged. Because of Covid-19, in-person pickups will be contactless

What is Linhasita?

Great question! Linhasita is a brand of polyester waxed cording that is manufactured in Brazil and distributed around the world. Some of its most common uses are in macrame crafts and jewelry. We source all of our Linhasita waxed thread from Color Supply in Guatamala.

Do you offer custom made pieces?

Yes! If there is an instance where you'd like to work one on one with our designer, please contact us via email. We will do our best to collaborate and bring your vision to life.

How do I care for my Linhasita bracelets?

Linhasita is a waxed , polyester cord. Over time with regular wear and use, the wax coating can tend to dissipate. When this happens, your bracelet can lose in waterproof qualities. Natural beeswax can be used to "re-wax" your bracelets or you can simply remove them before entering the water.

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